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Grome - the missing Google Chrome Extension for GoodRelations

The functionality of this extension is twofold:

First, it checks whether a visited page contains GoodRelations in RDFa, Microdata, or both. If GoodRelations code could be found, the extension button in the menu bar becomes clickable (it switches from gray-shaded to colored). The action associated with the click event of the extension button is customizable, i.e. one can freely choose any target URI of a Rest API that can do something meaningful with the found metadata. Google's Rich Snippets Testing Tool, the RDF Translator, or Linter are among the demo examples provided on the configuration page.

Second, users can help latest search engines to keep track of pages that contain GoodRelations metadata by enabling the corresponding option of the configuration which is inactive by default. More precisely, in the configuration section, one might check a box that will prompt the extension to ping the GR-Notify service on each page visited where GoodRelations code is discovered. Again, this functionality is disabled by default and runs absolutely anonymously as long as no e-mail address is provided!

Download and install

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