Integrating Product Classification Standards into Schema.org: eCl@ss and UNSPSC on the Web of Data

This paper details a novel approach for using product classification standards in Web data markup in Microdata and JSON-LD syntax that does not require the availability of proper Web ontology variants of the underlying standards. Our proposal has already been integrated into the official version of schema.org (in use by Google and major search engine operators) and can be readily used for research and business applications.

Representing Fashion Product Data with Schema.org: Approach and Use Cases

The last decade has seen a considerable increase of online shops for fashion goods. Technological advancements, improvements in logistics, and changes in buyer behavior have led to a dissemination of apparel goods and respective data on the Web. In …

Adaptive Faceted Search for Product Comparison on the Web of Data

In this paper, we study the appropriateness of adaptive faceted search as a search paradigm for e-commerce on the Web of Data. We provide preliminary evidence that the product space in a sample dataset narrows down logarithmically by the number of …

BauDataWeb: The Austrian Building and Construction Materials Market as Linked Data

This paper describes the technical challenges of a project to expose a major share of the European building and construction materials market on the basis of the GoodRelations Web vocabulary for e-commerce. This allows for the fine-grained search for products, suppliers, and warehouses for any building-related sourcing needs. Because building materials show a very high item specificity, they are very interesting for new types of search. The result of this project is one of the largest and richest public datasets for a well-defined trade sector that is available on the Semantic Web.

GoodRelations Tools and Applications

The adoption of ontologies for the Web of Data can be increased by tools that help populating respective knowledge bases from legacy content, e.g. existing databases, business applications, or proprietary data formats. In this demo and poster, we …